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LibraryLink 5 Documentation

Using StaticSync

StaticSync is a ResourceSpace feature that can be useful in some scenarios with LibraryLink 5.

There are three main usage scenarios:

One-off accessioning of large volumes of resources from a folder or folder tree. Where large volumes of files are to be added, e.g. more than 1GB, it may be more efficient to use StaticSync than to upload these through the user interface.

Using a folder as a permanent "loading bay". The default method of loading resources is in the user interface, within ResourceSpace or within an associated product like CAMS, CMSi or HBSMR. But there may be circumstances where users find it more convenient simply to drop files into a folder from which they are automatically accessioned into LibraryLink & ResourceSpace. StaticSync can be used for this purpose. However by default this will not link resources to records, and will not add any specific metadata to each resource other than that embedded in the file itself, so linking and adding metadata will need to be carried out later. 

"Live" documents. Usually resources catalogued in LibraryLink are static, never changing again once catalogued (derivative versions may be created for different purposes, but the original is deliberately preserved unchanged); however in some scenarios it may be desirable to catalogue documents that are regularly or continuously updated, and these would typically be Word documents or Excel spreadsheets or similar. This can be a little awkward in ResourceSpace as the file must be downloaded for editing then uploaded again, but StaticSync provides an alternative: a StaticSync folder can be configured so that any documents within that folder or folder tree are automatically catalogued in LibraryLink/ResourceSpace, and kept in situ on disk for editing. So long as the file name is not changed, the resource will be available within LibraryLink for linking to records and made easily accessible within CAMS, CMSi or HBSMR.

If any of the above scenarios is applicable, your LibraryLink and product consultants can provide further advice and configure StaticSync accordingly.