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LibraryLink 5 Documentation

User Interface

LibraryLink 5 is primarily used within a linked application like CAMS, CMSi or HBSMR. the precise details of how it works and how it looks is determined by the designers of those linked applications - please refer to the appropriate documentation. However power users, or "LibraryLink Editors", may also interact with the full LibraryLink 5 and ResourceSpace user interface, which is described in these documentation pages.

The user interface is split into 4 sections:

  • Top menu bar - includes quick links to search, upload and manage the user account
  • Browse pane - allows the user to browse files by tag, collection or workflow
  • Collection bar - allows the user to quickly apply a range of actions to the selected collection
  • Dash - users can add custom tiles, which can be collections, resources, searches or reports.