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LibraryLink 5 Documentation

Sharing resources

Resources and collections can be shared with other LibraryLink users and with external contacts, either by creating a URL (hyperlink) or by email, which both creates the hyperlink and emails it to the recipient(s).

To share a single resource go to the resource thumbnail or preview and click on the 'share resource' icon.  From the following page, choose the sharing method based on the requirements of access for the end user.  Shares to external users can be given an optional expiry date and password.

To share a collection, use "Share" in the Actions menu for the collection.

If you want the recipient to be able to download the resource(s), choose "Open" access level, otherwise choose "Restricted", which means they will be able to see the preview and metadata but not download the file.

If you are sharing to external contacts by email address, it is important to choose "Public" in the drop-down list for "Share using permissions of...". If you do not see a Public group, contact your Exegesis consultants.