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Exegesis SDM Product Documentation

I've created this new site using cloudscribe components to house all new Exegesis SDM documentation. The site is set up in multi-tenant mode, and each product will be given a child folder site, below this root address. The first product to require a new documentation site is LibraryLink 5, and the site is accessed at this address: 

The folder-based sites will all share the same users and roles, so users and administrators will only need to log in once.

The content will be public where appropriate, with some private areas accessible only to registered users (generally licensed users and system administrators of Exegesis SDM applications).

The source code for this site is held in this open repository so please do log an issue if you find anything broken or missing.

There's plenty more work to be done, including:

  • Customising the site theme with Exegesis SDM branding
  • Add privacy policy
  • Google Analytics
  • SMTP suitable for bulk sending (currently using a temporary solution)
  • Custom registration properties
  • Licence files for cloudscribe commercial products
  • Set up a support issue submission form using the cloudscribe Forms & Surveys module
  • Configuring TalkAbout Comments
  • Recaptcha
  • SEO
  • Writing the documentation for LibraryLink 5!